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Order of the Planets Poster


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solar system printables | Solar System Worksheet 8 | Learn About The Nine Planets in The Solar ...

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HSS-E1-A: The student will investigate & understand the characteristics of the Earth and the solar system. Key Concepts include: Position of the Earth in the solar system Print the worksheet on card stock, cut out, and have the students put the planets in order. Students could also number the planets to demonstrate order.

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Astrological Planets –There are eight planets in the Solar System. In order of increasing distance from the Sun, they are the four terrestrials, Mercury, Venus, Earth, and Mars, then the four gas giants, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, & Neptune. Pluto was discredited by some...but I'm not buying it! lol

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Solar System Planets & Dwarf Planets Information - Space Facts

Want to feel humble and completely insignificant? Stop for a moment and think, just think, how tiny Earth is in our Solar System, and it is but a dust mite in the Universe! ♥ Current solar system

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Space Exploration Journal

This is an excellent way for students to remember the order of the planets. This worksheet also allows students to write in the names of each planet, so teachers would easily be able to see if the material is being learned. I also like how each planet has a visual. This would help any visual learners in the classroom. - KS

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Great video for learning the planets! Funny, too! We've watched it several times and Isabelle now knows all the planets in order (me too!)

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8 Planets poem! A great way for kids to learn the order of the planets in our solar system!

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