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Pansy Punch Tips - For perfect alignment in the punch, look for the petal that has a flat, nearly indented side. That is the petal that is at the bottom of the punch! stampin up, too cool stamping, cards, stamping, flower shop


Banners from Punches ~ 1. Cut a strip of cardstock just slightly smaller than the width of the punch. 2. Slide a piece of scrap cardstock (Whisper White works well) into the punch from the front, as if you are going to punch it. This guide will help prevent the strip from getting hung up inside. 3. Working from the underside of the punch, slip the strip into the opening, adjusting until you are happy with its placement. 4. Remove the scrap cardstock "guide" and punch the strip.


How to fix a Stampin Up punch. Step 1: don't panic everyone drops these and they jam. Step 2: carefully pry the light coloured bottom of the punch off to expose the metal underneath. Step 3: using reasonable pressure close the punch using your hand. Step 4: reassemble the punch with the base in an unlocked position. You should now have a working punch.


Julie's Japes - An Independent Stampin' Up! Demonstrator in the UK: Last of the Punch Art (for 2012?)


THE PUNCH BOWLS One of the coolest (literally) of the Colorado Springs hiking trails, and one of the best-kept secrets. This is a unique 2-mile hike near Glen Eyrie that meanders through a steep canyon, gains 400 feet of vertical, and ends up at the punch bowls-- five granite bowls filled with mountain water. Excellent hike for a hot summer day. Jump into the bowls and go for a swim.


The punch is 4 cans of frozen Pink Lemonade, with four cans of water and 2 (2 liter) bottles of Sprite. I also, sliced up a lemon and threw them in there. It was delicious. I couldn't stop drinking it. I got the cute straws from Dime Store Buddy on Etsy.


I couldn't get a direct link to this but it is the Punch Board Snowman Party Favor by Carrie Stamps December 15, 2014

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How To Make Delicious Sparkling Apple Cider-Bourbon Punch For Friendsgiving

To make the punch, you will need: | How To Make Delicious Sparkling Apple Cider-Bourbon Punch For Friendsgiving

Ridiculously Cute Reindeer made with Stampin Up Punches

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The Knock-Out Workout That Burns Fat--Fast!

Try our #FitnessFriday 15-minute Fat Fighter workout! Give body fat the 1-2 with this fast and furious kickboxing routine. How to do it: warm up by jumping rope for 5 minutes. Then do 3 1-minute rounds of the punch combos followed by 3 rounds of the punch/kick combos. Finish with 5 minutes of jumping rope.