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The Quiet Man (1952)

"The Quiet Man" (1952). A retired American boxer returns to the village where he was born in Ireland, where he finds love.

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John Wayne and Maureen O'Hara in The Quiet Man! My Dad named me after the character Maureen O'Hara played...Mary Kate!

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What a shocking book cover! I have not seen it before. Anyway, Greene sets the story just as the French are losing Indo-China and the Americans are stepping in. It is a brilliant and cynical observation of empire and national ambition at the cost of individual liberty and conscience. Or something.

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"It's Oh So Quiet" was covered by Björk in 1995 and remains her biggest hit, reaching #4 in the UK. It's originally sung by American singer Betty Hutton, released in 1951. It is a cover of the German song "Und jetzt ist es still", performed by Horst Winter in 1948.

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