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Native American Symbol – Peyote (Water) Bird Colors

The peyote bird, AKA snake bird and water turkey, is associated with the Native American Church and the ritual use of peyote there by the church members.


Loutrophoros, South Italian red figure ware, Apulia, South Italy, 330 BCE Elegantly decorated with narrative zones: upper scene of Zeus, Aphrodite, Cupid; lower scene of seduction of Leda by Zeus as a swan with Hypnos (sleep) nearby. This type of vase was used for the ritual wedding bath; it was also a grave marker for unmarried women. Credits: Ann Raia, 2007.

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The 50 Scariest Books of All Time

✔50 Scariest Books of All Time: The Ritual, Adam Nevill Campers in the woods is a pretty standard horror convention, sure, but this version is guaranteed to give you the creeps. You’ll rush to the finish — in a warm, well-lit place, of course.

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Towers of Silence: Zoroastrian Architectures for the Ritual of...

TOWERS OF SILENCE: ZOROASTRIAN ARCHITECTURES A Dakhma (Persian: دخمه‎) also known as "Cheel Ghar" in Hindi and "Tower of Silence" in English, is a circular, raised structure used by Zoroastrians for exposure of the dead, particularly to scavenging birds.


Kukeri (Bulgarian: кукери; singular: kuker, кукер) is a traditional Bulgarian ritual to scare away evil spirits, with costumed men performing the ritual. The kukeri traditionally visit the peoples' houses at night so that "the sun would not catch them on the road." After going around the village they gather at the square to dance wildly and amuse the people. The ritual varies by region but its essence remains largely the same.


The Apache Sunrise Ceremony celebrates a girl becoming a woman. Girls prepare for the ritual for six months or more. During the ceremony, which can last four days, the girls sing, pray, run, and dance, often for hours without stopping. Here, a girl from the White Mountain Apache tribe in Arizona is blessed with pollen, symbolizing fertility.


A Scythian gold statuette depicting the ritual of brotherhood (from the Kul Oba kurhan).


Female Ballplayer Figurine The standing female ballplayer figurine shown above wears a helmet and ballgame glove and mushroom-inspired belt. Sacred mushrooms such as the Amanita muscaria, above on the right, were likely consumed before entering battle and before the ritual ballgame, enhancing one’s vision and strength as well as bravery to its wildest levels. The figurine is from the site of Xochipala, Mexico, in the western state of Guerrero, and dates to 1200-900 C.E.


horusseth-ain: Tlazolteotl, “Filth Goddess”, a mother-earth goddess. Tlazolteotl is the goddess of the human fertility and of sexuality. Tlazolteotl is associated with the moon. As Tlaelcuani, “the Eater of Filth” she is the goddess of the Ritual Cleansing. In her incarnation as Teteoinnan, Mother of the Gods, she is protector of the midwives, doctor women and of those who tell fortune.


Wovoka, aka Jack Wilson, was a Paiute born in Nevada, in the late 1850s. In 1889, Wovoka saw visions that foretold the coming of a messiah who would help the Indians regain their lost land & bring their dead ancestors back to life. Wovoka directed his many followers to sing & dance in preparation for the event. The ritual, which included elements from the Christian religion, was called the Ghost Dance.