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Accountings of the Attacks received on U.S.A. soil "911" ~ Not forgotten always in our hearts ~

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Writing Prompt

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Principles from Tolkien for the Truest Fantasy

Over Christmas, I read a wonderful essay (and the related short story and poem) by J. R. R. Tolkien. The essay is titled “On Fairy Stories,” and it can be found, with the related story and poem, in…

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Romance Writing Prompts-November 2016-Coffee and papers flew into a mess as the two strangers collided on their hurried paths, unaware their destinies were now intertwined.

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She has seen you, and she is shocked: you seem so familiar to her... But you can't really be HIM, can you? And yet, you look exactly like she'd imagined him, the character in her book, the hero meant to save her brand-new world... But instead you've been sent there to save her

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It's impossible to figure out how to outline any one aspect of your story in isolation. Instead, learn 3 ways to "bob and weave" from one to the next.

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Romance Writing Prompts-November 2016-She was as deadly as she was beautiful, and he was the only man who did not notice.

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The box.

It was inescapable. A torture chamber where any that were dragged to were never to be seen again. The horror stories that originated from this place made even the most unshakeable pale in fear. And if Nikki ever wanted to see daylight again, she was gonna have to fight her way out of it.

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Attachment issues.

writing prompt<<< You glance around. So that's where you put it... You sigh and place the item on top of your fireplace mantle

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