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The Shallows - Blake Lively - 2016 - thriller - movie poster - sharks - scary

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The Shallows- holy shit. Surfing compared to Scuba is a entirely different ball game. I'm still game for trying the surf tho-

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FUN photo booth prop shark. Made with foam board, acrylic paint, super glue, and kids' tempura paint. Kids got a huge kick out of it for the little's ocean themed birthday party.

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noireffleurer: “ “The fact that I do not find diamonds when I paddle in the shallows, does not prove that there are none in the unplumbed deeps. If, instead of hovering on the outskirts, we are able...

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The Shallows - Nicholas Carr argues that not since Gutenberg invented printing has humanity been exposed to such a mind-altering technology. The Shallows draws on the latest research to show that the Net is literally re-wiring our brains inducing only superficial understanding. As a consequence there are profound changes in the way we live and communicate, remember and socialise - even in our very conception of ourselves...

"This is a book to shake up the world.” –Ann Patchett Is Google making us stupid? When Nicholas Carr posed that question in a celebrated Atlantic essay, he tapped into a well of anxiety about how t...