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Jeremy Allen White may have starred in @Shameless for six seasons, but he's only just started watching it. "Every once in a while, I’ll get together with some friends and we’ll watch it and make fun of me." Meet the rest of #TheBreakoutBunch at the link in bio. : @laurendukoff


Un-American are those people that burn or stump on the American flag It also shows how Despicable, Ungrateful, Shameless, Contemptible, Loathsome, Hateful, Detestable, Reprehensible, Abhorrent, Abominable, Awful, Heinous, Odious, Vile, Low, Mean, Shameful, Ignominious, Shabby, Ignoble, Disreputable, Discreditable, Unworthy, Dirty, Rotten, Lowdown, Lousy, and Scurvy they are. it does not demostrate the president as been un-american, their actions demostrate what type of people they are.

I really don't think this show gets enough credit. One of my favorite shows for years now. Shameless (US)


New girl crush...Emmy Rossum. She's amazing in shameless - Emmy Rossum Emmanuelle Grey Rossum, es una actriz y cantautora yankee. Sus papeles más conocidos los interpretó en las películas The Day After Tomorrow, Poseidón, El Fantasma de la ... 12 de septiembre de 1986 (edad 29), Manhattan, Nueva York, Estados Unidos Estatura: 1,73 m ------------------------ Wed-21-oct-2015--9:08am---11º-ksemberg-arg-wind-00kh


Love the doctor's face in the last pic