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#Media #Oligarchs #MegaBanks vs #Union #Occupy #BLM Swine, Swill, and Silver Platters – an Essay of the Man From the North We are serving ourselves up on silver platters to the oligarchs and giant corporations. We have apples of misinformation in our mouths and sprigs of patriotic parsley tucked behind our ears. Must we complacently acquiesce to being pot-roasted pigs? Rise up! The situation is…

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Top 30 Funny Quotations and Sayings

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I wish hed understand this! you dont ever give up, walk away and move on quickly to the next thing you think will fix your whole problem, the problem isnt with the other person when you do something like this, its within yourself, and your bound to repeat those mistakes with your new found love interest. I dont give up, I fight for what I love, I fight for a family i had.

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These crispy and flavor-packed baked potatoes are one of its kind! Trust me, you will never have enough of these – so make sure to make a biiiiiig batch! Roasted or baked potatoes are a rage. It is that kind of food which you can never have enough. I was aware of the situation which …

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Walnut-Sage Pesto Linguine

Who loves carbs? I do, I do! No matter the situation, a healthy serving of bread or pasta will make me a happy person- especially if I’m hangry! I especially love lighter versions of pasta, like this Walnut Sage Pesto Linguine. Making your own pesto has never been easier with this recipe that boasts roasted walnuts that are then chopped and mixed into fresh sage, parsley and olive oil. It’s a great meal for a summer night or even a springtime lunch. Oh, and it’s super easy!

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The Ultimate Winter Bliss Bowls

The Ultimate Winter Bliss Bowl...Eat well AND keep your glow all through winter! Easy homemade falafel, roasted veggies, and flavorful sauce all in one big bowl! vegetarian / vegan / gluten free recipe. |

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Preserving food in a grid-down situation--Meat loaf, meat balls, barbecued meat, roast in gravy, taco meat, spaghetti sauce with the meat and even left over gravy in jars makes for a very speedy meal and can evenbe prepared by the less culinary gifted people in your home should you be unable to cook.

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Baked Almond Chicken Strips

Baked Roasted Almond Chicken Strips. Crunchy, moist & easy. Great as an appetizer, on salad or as a main dish.

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Dazed roasting Reginald about the sean situation #games #globaloffensive #CSGO #counterstrike #hltv #CS #steam #Valve #djswat #CS16

Baked Almond Chicken Strips

Almond Crusted Chicken Recipe is baked instead of fried, and coated in ground almonds in place of breadcrumbs. Kids didn't miss breadcrumbs! |

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