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Noosphere is an installation created by a projection net in the space between the trees at a height of 8 meters. Holographic letters were falling down on the audience like drops of rain. With a help of an optic sensor letters could feel the presence of the spectator an interact with his silhouette. Artist: Inty ++ Year: 2015

Trialthlon the spectator sport of waiting...... lol but, I love it when you are there and I hear my name:D


It’s amazing to see how far the shoe industry has come in last 10 years. Back then, it was strictly all about Italy, England, a bit of US made shoes and some French ones too.


First annual picnic of the "Knights of Labor" - more fun for the spectators than for the performers. Color lithograph by Joseph Keppler, Puck, v. 11, no. 276, June 21, 1882. New-York Historical Society, 88961d.

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4D Type

4D Typography is the result of intersectioning, in an orthogonal way in space, two extrusions of the same character, which allows the spectator to read it from, minimum, two different positions in space. An observer searching to enjoy a particular architecture, is forced to move around and through it. The change in perspective generates new spaces in which light acts in different ways. In this case, it is the typography who makes the effort of abandoning its two dimensions to approach the…