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Wall Bed Hut by Riverside Shepherd Huts

The Wall Bed Hut is a single story (no lofts) and the living room wall pulls down into a double bed. The walls are well insulated for year round living.

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The Story of Thanksgiving - Short summary and animation. Recommended by Charlotte For more pins like this visit:

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How We Use The Story of the World (vlog included!)

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The story of Martin Luther King as told by Kid President. Perfect for kids!

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How We Use The Story of the World (vlog included!)

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Here's a blog with chapter-by-chapter suggestions of online videos to supplement Story of the World, Volume 2.

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The Story of Ferdinand by Munro Leaf - Little Ferdinand the bull would much rather smell the flowers than butt heads with the other cows. When the men come to choose the bull for the fight, Ferdinand accidentally sits on a bumblebee. The men see him dash around madly, so they pick Ferdinand. Comes the bullfight, and all Ferdinand cares about is the bouquet of flowers a woman tossed to the matador.

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