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This FREE PRODUCT by Bespoke ELA contains 145 questions for studying Shakespeare's play Macbeth. The questions are divided into the three different levels of questioning: recall, interpretation & analysis, and synthesis. These questions can serve a variety of uses for your Macbeth unit including: --Reading Checks & Quizzes --Discussion Stems --Essay Prompts With 145 questions in total, your students will be able to go into great depth with their study of Macbeth!


Macbeth Debate Activity: Constructing Oral and Written Arguments

In this set of debate activities by Bespoke ELA, students will participate in a series of debates in response to "yes/no" questions about Shakespeare's play Macbeth. There are 10 debate questions in all. Students will collect evidence to support both sides of the argument and then debate a side with their peers in order to practice constructing logical arguments supported by textual evidence. Each debate chart is followed by an argumentative writing assignment.


Macbeth themes, symbols, apparitions, sketchnotes, guided notes, and background

Shakespeare's Macbeth is loaded with imagery. So why not use a great learning strategy for visual learning? This Macbeth teaching resource for themes, symbols, and apparitions is creative and filled with opportunities for differentiation. Your students will use the graphic note organizers to find quotes for textual evidence and discover a deeper meaning of Shakespeare's tragedy. The teacher notes give a great Macbeth summary and are useful during guided instruction. ($)


Macbeth Scavenger Hunt: Making Real World Thematic Connections

In this Macbeth product from Bespoke ELA, students find examples of REAL WORLD Macbeth figures who have become corrupt due to their ambition. They then write literary analysis paragraphs in which they explain their comparisons using textual evidence. This is a MUST-HAVE activity for any Macbeth unit.


To Quote Macbeth Shut Up | Baseball Tee