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The Outsiders Unit Plan: Comprehensive and Aligned to the Common Core

A comprehensive unit plan for The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton. This unit plan has been developed to align with the Common Core and be rigorous and rewarding for students. Emphasis is placed on central questions that guide the unit plan. In addition, there are non-fiction text sets that reinforce key issues from the novel. Students read these non-fiction pieces to further understand central themes and also to draw parallels to life today.


FREEBIE- Teaching about Martin Luther King Jr. to kinder, first, and second graders. This post is filled with free ideas, activities, and videos !


The One With Unit Rates (The Classy Teacher)

This could very easily become a Better Buy project that would compare products by the unit rates to determine the best buy, making it even more relevant and real-world appropriate. Unit rates!


Phonics Poems for Grades K-2

Phonics poems for kindergarten, first, and second grade! This poetry unit includes 38 different word family poems that practice long and short vowels, digraphs, and blends! Students also practice nonsense vs. real words and visualizing at the end of each poem! These are great for poetry notebooks.


18 Holocaust Rescuers: Their Movies and Memoirs

HOLOCAUST UNIT STUDY: 18 Righteous Holocaust Rescuers, with links to movies and memoirs about them. A great resource for unit studies! #homeschool #history || Le Chaim (on the right)


Hand trick to help high school students remember the unit circle - works for left or right-handed students.


These 8 Figurative Language Posters are a great way for you to introduce different types of figurative language and can also be displayed in the classroom and used as a reference for your students. There is a poster for each type of figurative language including similes, idioms, metaphors, hyperbole, alliterations, personifications, and onomatopoeia, as well as a title poster that says Figurative Language. Also included in my Figurative Language Unit for 4th/5th grades! (TpT Resource)