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Cathrine Leroy Female Combat Photographer

"In 1968 Catherine Leroy, one of the first female combat photographers of the Vietnam War era, surprised her North Vietnamese captors by photographing and interviewing them when they returned her cameras as they released her from detention. The photograph ended up on the cover of Life magazine."


No Dog Left Behind -- SPCAI's Operation Baghdad Pups Program needs to rescue more than 20 US soldiers' pets by June 1st. If the SPCAI cannot rescue these animals before June 1st, many soldiers will be forced to leave their animal companions behind to certain death.


Excellent article on medicine in the war zone, artifacts in the UK Science museum - including Colt's stretcher for narrow trenches, United Kingdom, 1915-1918. Doctors and surgeons facedd extraordinary challenges helping the wounded, had to organize, invent, strategize.


Elizabeth L. Gardner, WASP pilot, WWII. The Women's Airforce Service Pilots were a pioneering group of female volunteer pilots who ferried unarmed planes from factories and airbases in the US into war zones so male pilots could focus on combat flying.