Feeling totally relaxed she closed her eyes. Strange images and shapes danced in her head to the sound of the waterfall. Shades of purple came and went behind her closed eyes. She felt strangely calm, almost like she was floating. Excerpt from THE COLOUR OF LOVE More

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Exploring the waterfall in Ubud! I'm wearing a 5pm swimwear suit (here!) God morgon babes! Lite mer Bali-bilder, det tar liksom aldrig slut haha! Vi åkte till ett vattenfall en av dagarna, jag älskar vattenfall... Så häftigt och fint! Vi åkte till Tegenungan som ligger i Ubud, vi körde di

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Overview over the waterfall Vøringsfossen, Voringsfoss, and Hordaland Mountains, Hordaland Fylke, Norway | by Bjarte Hoff on Flickr

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Beautiful Swedich forests. You can just imagine all the fairies and nymphs floating around.. Njupeskär - Sweden's highest waterfall

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Landscape, Animated Landscape, Keefers Photo: This Photo was uploaded by Keefers_. Find other Landscape, Animated Landscape, Keefers pictures and photos...

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Make it Wonderful with Water Use a fountain to soften the noise of a busy street or to create a pleasant background sound. It's easy to add a water feature to your deck. Tuck small fountains in corners where they'll be out of the way or use a bigger, bolder piece as a dramatic focal point.

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Baatara Gorge Waterfalls, Tannourine, Lebanon (The Cave of the Three Bridges) More At WATERFALLS : FOSTERGINGER @ Pinterest

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