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Welsh Cob (section D) stallion Cathael Idris ( Welsh Cob: The Welsh Cob is 13.hh and taller. It is heavier than the other types of Welsh Ponies and retains the feathering on the fetlocks and lofty knee action of their draft ancestors. It is not uncommon for the Welsh Cob to reach up to 16hh.)

Harlequins are wonderfully practical! They begin laying 240-330 white eggs at about 5-7 months. eggs grade as "extra-large". They are also active foragers, excellent producers of lean meat, beautifully colored and pluck almost as cleanly as white birds when dressed for meat. Welsh Harlequin ducks can also make an outstanding dressed duck as their underfeathers are almost exclusively white making their carcass as pretty as a Pekin.

In Welsh mythology, Gwyn Ap Nudd was not only the king of the fairies, but also the ruler of the underworld, known to the Welsh as Annwn. It...

Welsh alphabet. Note that there is no J, K, Q, V, X or Z. However the most common surname in Wales is Jones, and there is a little village called Vivod.