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Vinyl Theatre - Breaking Up My Bones | We Think Therefore We Create

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I can't tell you how many times (it's 3) I've told the story of Lin having Moana meetings over Skype in full Hamilton costume during the break between the Wednesday Matinee and Evening Shows.

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The true meaning of "break a leg". it's sad how few thespians even know what this saying really means. Newsflash, I don't actually want you to break your physical leg!

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Stage Left Stage Right Theatre Performer Thespian Necklace - Break a Leg Opening Night Closing Night Gift

"Which side is stage right??" "Let me check my genius necklace." NO MATTER HOW MANY TIMES I'VE BEEN TOLD WHERE STAGE LEFT AND STAGE RIGHT IS, I ALWAYS HAVE TO ASK SOMEONE... This necklace would be really really helpful. xD

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This abandoned theater in Israel looks like our cover and the one Gilbert Harrington describes in Curtain Call.

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Oh my god, enough! Now you listen to me. (Eliza) Baise! I said enough! I'm sick of all your fighting

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I feel like you miss out on a lot of life if you can't manage to spontaneously break out in song once in a while. More

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Fantastic Beasts - Tina and Queenie lean out of their bedroom window, craning into the dark. Another bellowing roar reverberates through the winter night. Tina and Queenie burst into the bedroom where Jacob and Newt are meant to be asleep. Every trace of the two men has gone. Furious,Tina storms off to dress. Queenie looks upset.

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