Ugh are you satisfied (Li)? I'll never be sartisfieeedddd... Or What time is it? me: SHOWTIMIIIME..

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Yes it is, so don't act like the whole building is yours when you're using the gym because WE ARE REHEARSING AND WE DON'T CARE ABOUT YOUR SPORTING EVENT. Sorry. Venting last week's rehearsal.

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this quote states that "stepping onto the stage again, and remembering why it's your favorite feeling in the world." I chose this quote because the feeling of being on stage is like no other in the world. This is a part of who I am because a huge portion of my life has been devoted to performing on stage.

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So true. Theatre for me is like taking a bath. You never know if the water is cold or hot and if you might drown. But once you take the risk to jump, the water feels extremely comfortable and you want to stay there forever. -Britt

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That is why you get so much enjoyment of going to the theatre - you see a little bit of yourself in every performance. #quote

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The Broadway Musical Home - The Musicals, People and Theatres of the Great White Way! I love all of these musicals except for "Once" this musical makes no sense and the performances on the Tony's and at the Thanksgiving Day Parade were terrible!!!!:(

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