And they’re the only ones who make you feel less crazy when it seems like your director is making zero sense. | 23 Reasons Why Your Theatre Family Is The Only Family You Need

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Im not a theatre kid, but i do this all the time. Does that mean that i should be in theatre or im just crazy?

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I can stunt, tumble & dance my a$$ off in front of thousands @ a crowded arena...but stand in front of 25 people and talk? YIKES!

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When you’re in school and you’ve got other priorities besides theater. | 22 Things Theater Actors Who Are In A Show Know All Too Well

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Oh dear lord the lessons I've learned from this phrase as a techie!! One of my first show, my best friend (now) was sitting in the first row and waved at me during the blackout, and I stopped in the middle of the stage and waved back. I FRUCKING WAVED BACK!!! Ughh! He is a stage techie with me now and NEVER lets me hear the end of it!!!!

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One time my shoes were so loud I would have to take them off while I ran behind stage. Totally felt like Cinderella!

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[ theatre kid problems ] and then you have absolutely no idea what to do with yourself because you actually have *gulp* time!

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