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23 Reasons Why Your Theatre Family Is The Only Family You Need

And they’re the only ones who make you feel less crazy when it seems like your director is making zero sense. | 23 Reasons Why Your Theatre Family Is The Only Family You Need

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Theatre Kid Problems

Im not a theatre kid, but i do this all the time. Does that mean that i should be in theatre or im just crazy?

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Oh dear lord the lessons I've learned from this phrase as a techie!! One of my first show, my best friend (now) was sitting in the first row and waved at me during the blackout, and I stopped in the middle of the stage and waved back. I FRUCKING WAVED BACK!!! Ughh! He is a stage techie with me now and NEVER lets me hear the end of it!!!!

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So true! I have practice for my theater class every Saturday most of the day. When girls are going to the movies and mall

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I can stunt, tumble & dance my a$$ off in front of thousands @ a crowded arena...but stand in front of 25 people and talk? YIKES!

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22 Things All Stage Actors Know To Be True

When you’re in school and you’ve got other priorities besides theater. | 22 Things Theater Actors Who Are In A Show Know All Too Well

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