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An infographic that keeps track of all of Shakespeare's deaths for you

Shakespeare's Tragedies ~ Everybody Dies. And Antigonus cries. This is great! Except Lady Macbeth committed suicide.


FREE!-- This chart contains key themes from the play Macbeth followed by space for students to list three quotations that support each theme. This is a fantastic activity for literature circle discussions as well as a pre-writing activity in preparation for a Macbeth theme essay.


Macbeth Topics & Themes ListThe Bespoke ELA Classroom


Keep Calm and Kill Duncan..."But screw your courage to the sticking place, And we'll not fail." Macbeth is having a difficult time trying to find the courage to kill his king, but Lady Macbeth is telling him, that he must find the courage and that he needs to stop being so indecisive about commiting the action.

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Macbeth Essay Packet Including Sample Essay, Outline, Brainstorming, & MORE

This packet is designed to support the writing process for a Macbeth literary analysis essay. INCLUDED: Macbeth Topics & Themes List Brainstorm Guide Commentary Brainstorming Outline Form Sample Outline Sample Essay Rubric Task To write an essay analyzing how literary elements and techniques create thematic meaning in a text Objectives • To use the writing process in order to produce a publishable essay draft • To construct a logical argument supported by textual evidence