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Stroller Thermal Comfort by dheiny - consumer_products - SimScale


Diagram of thermal processes in a person and the environment. Read about thermal comfort at

1. The East House, located in Byron Bay, Australia is a project by Built-Environment Practice. Conversion of 1990s brick and tile beach house to a modern, open-plan sustainable living environment. Designed to optimize northern solar access, cross-ventilation, and thermal comfort without heating or air conditioning.


UNDERSTANDING THERMAL COMFORT & HOW TO PREDICT IT: Take a deeper look at thermal comfort, the factors that influence and how architects and owners can predict it

The new Roche Learning Center in Indianapolis has been designed to closely follow European energy performance and thermal comfort standards. Although the building appears to be transparent, it achieves a wall-to-window ratio of less than 60 percent.

Biological concrete for constructing 'living' building materials with lichens, mosses

It is a material that improves thermal comfort in buildings and helps to reduce atmospheric carbon dioxide levels.