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"Linger A Little Longer" Table by Jay Watson, uses a thermochromic finish to respond to the heat of objects and people, bringing to light the impact of the user on his furniture.

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Details about Thermochromic Paint Temperature Activated Color Changing Paint Multiple Colors

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The patterns on the umbrella are made of hydrochromatic ink which changes colour when rain falls. The black and white umbrella becomes colourful the moment it rains. Hydrochromic ink is a kind of water based ink, which can change colour from white colour to transparent when it gets wet,and would return back to original colour when it gets dry,hydrochromic ink can be applied through screen printing

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when touched, the packages will timidly glow right where the contact was generated, thanks to a thermochromic paint coating that makes it sensitive to heat.

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Blue to Green Chameleon Paint Pearl Superflash is a White, or "ghost" Chameleon and is widely used in the custom world. Used in automotive paint, Powder Coat.

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