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Ale bardzo się kochają ♡ but they love each other so much ♡ #potteryplate #love #kosmos #rakieta #relacje #onaion #misiuradesign #ceramika #pottery #zapisanewglinie #piszecoczuje #potterypoetry

They Love Each Other – Love Quote

Sometimes two broken hearts find each other and then they heal each other, they protect each other and they love each other for the rest of their lives.


“More than affection: they loved each other with a passion.” ’His Dark Materials’ Phillip Pullman. Balthamos and Baruch are a lower class of angels, Balthamos fell in love with Baruch when he was a human, and so when he died, he brought him to heaven to become angelic. It is implied that it is this action and their deep love for one another than sees them cast out of heaven, and in turn, brings them to rebel against God. THEY LOVE EACH OTHER SO MCUH I COULD TALK ABOUT THEM FOREVER BUT I…

They LOVE Each Other Grateful Dead T-shirt by auntysadeadhead

If #people can just #love each #other a little bit, they can #be so #happy. #EmileZola

My two loves! They love each other so much and the movie Frozen. Lord, I thank you. @adamhousley

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They Love Each Other New Mandala Dead inspired shirts in mens and ladies styles/ Mongo Arts Unisex Gildan and Womens Bella

They love each other


"The film is structured around these two brothers; you know, they love each other and they hate each other and they need each other and they define each other." - Tom Hiddleston on "Thor: The Dark World"