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Bizarre 3,800-Year-Old 'Thinking Man' Statue Found in Israel - Pottery.

from Etsy

Abstract vintage carved wood figurine of a thinking man, yoga statue. Gift idea

Abstract vintage carved wood figurine of a thinking man, yoga statue. Gift idea. by ReOSL on Etsy

Video of the fireworks igniting the Burning Man statue in the center of Black Rock City. Watch as the firework display causes preset balloons filled with fuel to light the man on fire. Burning Man festival is one of the best experiences for the more free thinking soul.

I used to walk by the statue of those three men every day at SJSU, looking at the heroes John Carlos and Tommie Smith and never thinking about the story behind the third man Peter Norman's part in it until I came across this article: "The White Man in That Photo" By Riccardo Gazzaniga


Thinking Man Sculpture In Polystone

DecMode Meditator Sculpture - Tranquility can be difficult to achieve, but the DecMode Meditator Sculpture is here to guide the way for you. This charming tabletop sculpture...

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The Tin Man

The Tin Man York, PA. I absolutely love this Tin Man statue. Someday I would like to see it in real life and get a picture with it.

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11 Things Men Think About Sex -- And The Reality

If I had a nickel for every time I heard a man say that "unlike most guys," he "really likes" to go down on women, I would have enough nickels to build a life size statue of a man going down on a woman. And then I would auction it off on eBay, because I have children, for God's sake.