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(3 of 4) The Gender Debate Androgyne: Both masculine and feminine at the same time; middle of the spectrum; can be either or neither gender. Gender Fluid: Spans the spectrum; can choose to be masculine, feminine, androgyne, or move through anything in between. Third Gender/Genderqueer: Does not identify by the spectrum; the answer is very individualized; may be physically intersex. Typically defined as an umbrella term for all non-binary gender. Agender/neutrois...

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Archaeologists unearth 5,000-year-old 'third-gender' caveman

Archaeologists unearth 5,000-year-old 'third-gender' caveman Caveman was buried like a woman, leading scientists to question his sexual orientation.


* GenderFluid - A GenderQueer person whose gender identity can change with mood or circumstance. A fluid person may identify as a man at one point in time, a woman at another time, bigender at another, third gender, or agender at any given point.

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Latin for Moms: How to Determine the Gender of a 3rd Declension Noun {A Flow Chart

Afterthoughts: Latin for Moms: How to Determine the Gender of a 3rd Declension Noun {A Flow Chart}


Genderfluid Symbol. Genderfluid pride symbol in matching pride flag colors. Pink, white, purple, black, and blue flag. Genderfluid - A person who 's gender identity “switches between genders, which may include male, female, neutrois, [no gender], third gender, or any other genderqueer identity. They can also switch to have combinations at the same time, such as male and female, or other mixes, such as male, neutrois, and a third gender.”