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Hypocritical Left. Melania looks and speaks so much classier than Michelle Obama!! Melania loves America and is proud of this country. I have respect for her. Michelle Obama has proven her contempt for America. She lost any respect I might have had for her!! ...and I am not and never have been racist. I could careless about the color of her skin. It is her ideas and attitudes that I don't care for!


This is what teachers should be showing their students in every school across America. If you are not outraged, you are not paying attention. #NoDAPL. #WaterIsLife. #StandingRock


Take a look at a letter some Trump voters sent to their "Neighbors." Don't let anyone tell you that the millions who voted for Trump didn't want THIS!! This is exactly why they voted for him and now feel emboldened to do unspeakable things in Trumps name.


Unfortunately, in today's scary new post-election America, it is not too much of a stretch for this chilling conspiracy theory to feel all too right and true. All we can do now is to hold on to hope, stay vigilant and be prepared to fight the powers that may be arrayed against the government and people of our, hopefully still, United States of America.


This is what the nation wanted. This is what the people wanted. Donald Trump won because that's what the people wanted! He may not be your cup of tea, but the majority of the Nation wanted him as the President. I for one truly understand how blessed we are to live in this Great Nation, I will not put anyone down for voting for him. Our current Country is divided, spreading more hatred, anger, and selfish thoughts will not bring us together but further us apart. America is for all of us!


I haven't heard one word of condemnation concerning all of the injustices going on by this man who is still president. The worst president ever! (I don't see how there could be any arguing that point now). He seems to love watching America fall apart, while he takes full advantage of his position and our tax dollars. His obvious disregard for the safety of the American people is just as appalling as the people who voted him into office and MEDIA not saying a word about it! Admit it!


People dont be like this, just because someone is a certain race or gender, dont asumme SHI* OR TAKE SHI* FROM OTHER PEOPLE STAND UP FOR YOURSELF AND OTHERS


If you say Trump supporters aren't racist, misogynistic, xenophobic, homophobic, and so much more, you're part of the problem. The only way they could not be those things is if they're so fucking privileged they can "look past" all this. Not all Trump supporters are racist, but all racists are Trump supporters.


This is for the "Silent Majority" who felt Trump and Our Criminal Republican Congress will be "Making America Great Again!" We want you to be as Quiet as you were when you cast your "Silent Vote" for Trump when he and your GOP Congress Screws you out of Social Security and Medicare you worked all your life for. Remember....Shhhh! Not A Word!!