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Thomas Jefferson Accomplishments

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Martha Jefferson

Martha Jefferson - 3rd

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10 Inspirational Presidential Quotes

In matters of style, swim with the current; in matters of principle, stand like a rock. -- Thomas Jefferson


How things could have turned out so differently. Thomas Jefferson proposed to end slavery - in 1784!!


#3 Martha Wayles Skelton Jefferson, wife of third president Thomas Jefferson. (b. 1748 - d. 1782). She died after eleven years of marriage, Jefferson remained a widower for the rest of his life after promising her he would never remarry. Her death also was 18 years before Jefferson was elected president in 1800. No facial image of her survives. This portrait was based on contemporary descriptions and executed 183 years after her death.

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Louisiana Purchase and Thomas Jefferson in Three Minutes Video Worksheet

This video worksheet allows students learn about the problems Thomas Jefferson faced in acquiring the Louisiana Territory from France. The video clip is only three minutes long, but it is packed full of information that will keep your students engaged.This video worksheet works great as a Do Now Activity or as a complement to any lecture or lesson plan on the Louisiana Purchase.


When Jefferson became president in 1801, he had been a widower for 19 years. He had become as capable of handling social affairs as political matters. Occasionally he called on Dolley Madison for assistance. His daughter Patsy served as the lady of the President's House in the winter of 1802-1803. She was there again in 1805-1806, and gave birth to a son named for James Madison, the first child born in the White House. It was Patsy Randolph with her family who shared Jefferson's retirement…


Frederick Madison Roberts was an American newspaper owner and editor, educator and business owner who was the first known man of African American descent elected to the California State Assembly. He has been honored as the first person of African-American descent to be elected to public office among the states on the West Coast. He was the great-grandson of Sally Hemings and is widely believed to be the great-grandson of President Thomas Jefferson.

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The Mother of Title IX: Trailblazing Athlete Eleonora Sears

Eleonora R. Sears was not just the great-great-granddaughter of Thomas Jefferson, she was also a well-known athlete in the early 20th C. She made waves playing tennis with rolled up shirt sleeves and caused a stir in when she rode front-saddle into an all-male polo arena while wearing pants. Despite receiving criticism for her unfeminine style, she remained popular at home and abroad, and has been called “The Mother of Title IX” for her impact on women in sports.


Hillary Clinton's Accomplishments Speak for Themselves | Thomas Jefferson Street | US News

Martin Luther King Jr. poem FREEBIE. This poem is included in my MLK Jr. packet. The 41 page packet is common core aligned 41 and includes various fun and engaging reading & writing activities for k-3rd. Enjoy!