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A battle patrol of the 1st East Surreys rest after returning from enemy territory, 16 December 1943. They are armed with Thompson SMGs, grenades and a captured German MP40.

A wounded prisoner is carried on a stretcher along a railway track by troops of 36th Infantry Division during the advance on Mawlu, November 1944.


Indian troops with four armed Indonesians captured at Bekassi before the village was burnt as a reprisal for the murder of five members of the Royal Air Force and twenty Maharatta riflemen whose Dakota transport aircraft crash landed near the village.

A piper of the Gordon Highlanders plays from a Valentine tank as it drives into Tripoli past crowds of cheering locals, 26 January 1943.

A soldier takes a break during the approach to Tripoli beside a swastika and the name 'Hitler' that have been carved into a rocky hillside, 27 January 1943.

Troops attack a native 'basha' (bamboo hut) in a banana grove, 6 November 1944.

Infantry training at 47th Division School of Battle Drill at Lymington near Southampton, 11 March 1942. The troops are seen advancing between the backs of houses and a railway line.

The townspeople of Worthing in Sussex watch with interest as the Home Guard resist an 'attack' on the pier by regular troops supported by a Universal carrier, 3 August 1941.

A Commando officer of 1st Special Service Brigade (left) with 3rd Division signallers using man-pack radio sets during the move inland, 6 June 1944.

Men of the 10th Royal Berkshire Regiment move up to the heights of Calvi-Risorta, 27 October 1943,