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If Loki bases how much he likes someone by their desire to punch him in the face, the Avengers are totally his favorite people.<< Sif's face she's like 'she just- man what just happened?'

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● Laufeyson a YouTube/ fan video ~what if... Thor movie trailer from Loki's point of view. Powerfully well done! };-}

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So I was on YouTube, watching Star Trek stuff and saw this. BEST COMMENT EVER. This totally made my day. #Cumberbatched

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Tumblr Reacts To A New "Thor" Trailer

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Learn How Thor's Chris Hemsworth Packed On 20 Pounds Of Muscle!

The first blockbuster of 2011 may be the best. They certainly set the bar very high. It is an exciting and certainly an all around entertaining comic book adaptation. Nothing in this genre since LOTR has been any better. Watch it for free at

Tumblr Reacts To A New "Thor" Trailer

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Tumblr Reacts To A New "Thor" Trailer

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Tumblr Reacts To A New "Thor" Trailer

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Chris Hemsworth saves damsel-in-distress Natalie Portman and whisks her to magical homeworld Asgard in new trailer for superhero sequel

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