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Red Leaf Barberry Hedge. (5 shrubs for 30$). This thorny, brightly colored shrub is the perfect choice to create a barrier against unwanted traffic or to deter deer. Left to grow naturally it has 5-7' spread and height but can be pruned and maintained at a much smaller size.

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Pyracantha is a genus of thorny evergreen large shrubs in the family Rosaceae, with common names firethorn or pyracantha.

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Thorn bearing bushes, especially when planted around windows, can be a nightmare to get caught up in. Just one brush against certain thorn bushes can be enough to send a thief packing. That is un...

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The home guard: Police suggest 30 thorny bushes homeowners could plant to discourage ‘lazy’ garden thieves

Police have issued advice to householders to stop their homes being raided by thieves - telling them to plant giant rhubarb and prickly gooseberry bushes to put off raiders.

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Landscaping: How to Remove Briars & Vines

Briar patches are thickets comprised of the overgrowth of plants, such as blackberry or raspberry bushes, that are both unsightly and potentially harmful due to their thorny vines. Common vines that ...

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Building an Edible Hedge Row -- 1) Cut tree branches (all sizes) & stack in side-by-side piles approx 6-8 ft high. 2) Scatter berry bush cuttings, plants, seeds, etc., throughout the piles. 3) Berry bushes will grow and vine through the tree branches, making a strong, thick, thorny hedgerow wall. 4) Trim wall sides as needed to prevent too much spreading into your field, yard, etc.

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Blessings Rose: Hybrid Teas; bush (1967), climber (1975), rare, soft coral-pink continuous flowering, scented, not very tolerant of shade, not very thorny, not very attractive to bees. An outstanding bedding rose.

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Lovely Lady Rose: Hybrid Teas; 1986, rare, bush, continuous flowering, very scented, tolerate small amount of shade, quite thorny, attracts bees. Can be grown in a pot. 2ft H x 2ft W.

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