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IMF’s Lagarde guilty, but not punished, in French negligence trial French judges found IMF chief Christine Lagarde guilty of negligence on Monday for failing to challenge a state arbitration payout to a business tycoon in 2008 when she was French finance minister, but they did not punish her. “The context of the global financial crisis…


Woman Charged in Sending Death Threats to Father of Child Killed at Sandy Hook Pleads Not Guilty

Florida woman Lucy Richards (57) sent death threats to a man whose son was murdered at Sandy Hook Elementary in 2012. Prosecutors told the judge that she told FBI agents that she’d been “looking at these sites about government hoaxes” and “got angry,” leading her to threaten Lenny Pozner. Please put this bitch in jail! Solitary confinement!

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I've worked on myself pretty hard about judgement. I'm pretty good at not judging others so much. Everyone does it. It's human nature. But who are we to do that...?


I cannot do " church" because all of them seem lost in money , status , and supporting stands that ignore the tenets of " love one another " , " thou shalt not judge " , love the least as you would love me .... So I just try to live my beliefs.


Don't judge me because we all know you have demons under your bed and skeletons in your closets.