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Three Act Structure - Make your Novel Satisfying

Many novels follow a three act formula. Find out more about three act novels and how to use this common story structure.


The three-act structure divides a story into three parts: setup, confrontation, and resolution. For this post, I’m going to use the movie The Wizard of Oz as an example...

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The Basics of the Three Act Structure: Act II (the Middle

Three Act Structure — Act II (the Middle) - The simplest building blocks of a story are found in the basic Three Act Structure (which can be used for both screenplay and novels). Act 1 is the beginning, Act 2 is the middle, and Act 3 is the ending. The components in the Three Act Structure are basically fundamental stages along the way of a story.


Who knew furry little rodents were such experts on story arc? See the three-act structure acted out to perfection!

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Hey, Ninja Writer

A Novel Idea: Week 2 (3 Acts and 8 Sequences) This week we're talking more about the basic story structure and what goes into each sequence.

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What is Arch Plot and Classic Design

The Arch Plot: This is the best distillation of the classic three-act plot that I have ever seen. If you go to her blog, she has broken it down into 11 story beats.