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More than 60,200 new cases of thyroid cancer are diagnosed each year in the U.S. (infographic)

Thyroid Cancer Awareness - There is no "good cancer" Poster design, Mary Anne Pennington, 2014 Sources: UCSF Medical Center, Mayo Foundation for Medical Education and Research, University of Maryland Medical Center


The artist DOES NOT have thyroid cancer, she has another thyroid disease, so her commentary is very much geared towards having thyroid disease and A THYROID STILL PRESENT. That said, I think this illustration is very helpful in understanding the basics of how thyroid hormone should work in a healthy human body, and can help us understand better in terms of what is going on.


Having your thyroid removed due to cancer or autoimmune disease demands a life long regime of medication. With this, there are side effects that prevent you from ever feeling like your normal self ever again: fatigue, depression, weight gain, mood swings, aches and pain, memory loss, hair loss, etc. Just because it's treatable doesn't mean you're cured!