Tikal, Guatemala - mystical - nothing quite like it. It needs to be on everyone's bucket list.
Tikal, Guatemala
Do This, Not That // Tips for making the most of (and surviving) your day trip to Tikal National Park in Peten, Guatemala. Tikal makes the perfect day trip from Belize and is an incredible presentation of ancient Mayan ruins amid wildlife and passionate locals.
GUATEMALA Tikal Guatemala - Founded in 200 B.C., it emerged as a regional superpower that dominated other city-states stretching from the Yucatán Peninsula to western Honduras. Tikal's reign abruptly ended when, for unknown reasons, the Mayans abandoned the city in A.D. 900. Enveloped by jungle, it would not be rediscovered until 1848. Since then, only 15 percent of the site has been excavated.
Do This, Not That // Day Trip to Tikal in Guatemala (as part of your Belize vacation). All the dos and don'ts you need to make the most out of this Central American day trip.
Climb the steps of a Mayan pyramid (Gran Jaguar, Tikal - Guatemala)
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