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Time Games Ks2

Hopscotch- Months of the Year

Great way to practice the months of the year and get the kids moving! We drew pictures on each month to help the children remember the events/holidays/weather.

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Minute to Win it Style games. Great for the classroom parties or for family fun. Snowball games is one of our newest holiday traditions to have an evening of Snowball Games. Many of these games have also been used for Winter theme holiday classroom parties. Ideas and games have been adapted from a variety of resources. This sheet is my compiled list for home and classroom use.

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Here is a list of words with the long e sound that kids can play games with. This document includes words with the "-ee," "-e_e," "-e," and "-ea" spelling pattern. Here is my usual routine with these words cards: 1. Cut & Cleanup (That way they have a clean playing area!) 2.

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Cookie Sheet Activities for learning and practicing sight words. Great hands-on learning!

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I've done this for math facts games and kids of ALL ages and grade levels love it. Can go further and do adjectives, adverbs, pronouns, common and proper nouns... The list is endless!!!

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Snowball Toss Sight Word Game

This snowball toss sight word game is a fun, active and engaging way for kids to learn sight words. It's a gross motor literacy activity that kids love!

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