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1839 Charles Goodyear innovates the vulcanization of rubber. Soon after, he secures patents for condoms, douching syringes and cervical caps, but is unable to manufacture them, defend all his patents, or even make tires in his lifetime.


Do you know who the largest tire manufacturer in the world is? We'll give you two guesses ;)


Used Firestone Tires – Most people believe that buying used Firestone tires is a waste of money. They also say that using them is very risky. However, this is just a myth that should be completely washed out. There are several used Firestone tires in Houston, Texas that are still in very good condition and can sustain the performance of your vehicle for an extended period of time, without any risks.

As a tire manufacturer, Duro produces a complete line of products including: •Passenger and Light Truck Tires •Bias and Radial Trailer Tires •ATV Tires •Motorcycle and Scooter Tires •Golf Cart Tires •Lawn and Garden Tires •Forklift and Skid Steer Tires •Bicycle Tires


Pirelli, an Italian tire manufacturer, has had a habit of releasing an annual calendar of nude and scantily-clad women that many women have been less than happy about. This year’s calendar, however, promises to be a PR coup – instead of their usual softcore-pornographic fare, their 2016 calendar will feature thinkers, athletes, businesspeople and other inspiring elites from the world of women. Annie Leibovitz

from 1001 Pallets

Night Stand Made From Old Pallet Wood

I really love the whole idea of pallet furniture and garden accessories. Since I work for a tire manufacturer, old pallets of all sizes and shapes are quite easy to get for why to spend money on something you can make and design yourself, make it look awesome and do it to fit your exact... #Bedside, #PalletNightstand, #RecycledPallet


Read more: Toyo Tire & Rubber Co., Ltd. Toyo Tires “Tire Kimono”# Kimono fabrics of a rather different kind are designed and manufactured in this commercial from tire manufacturer Toyo Tires, which lifts aesthetics to a new level by having the tread patterns of its different products printed on fabrics. Tags: McCann Erickson, Tokyo,Isamu Nakamura,TYO Productions,Tokyo,Toyo Tire & Rubber Co…