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Engineers grow functional human cartilage in lab

Vunjak-Novakovic's team succeeded in growing cartilage with physiologic architecture and strength by radically changing the tissue-engineering approach: inducing the mesenchymal stem cells to undergo a condensation stage as they do in the body before starting to make cartilage.

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A decellularized human heart awaits rebuilding with an injection of precursor cells. "First remove all the cells from a dead organ — it does not even have to be from a human — then take the protein scaffold left behind and repopulate it with stem cells immunologically matched to the patient in need. Voilà! The crippling shortage of transplantable organs around the world is solved."

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Silk bio-ink could help advance tissue engineering with 3-D printers -

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Microrobotic technique combines 3D printing and tissue engineering

Microrobotic technique combines 3D printing and tissue engineering

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What you need to know about 3D-printed organs

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How to Build a Tissue Box Catapult

How to Build a Tissue Box Catapult - Fun STEM project! Make it an experiment by modifying the design or by testing different materials to see how far they shoot.

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3D Printing Skin Grafts to Heal Burns

University of Toronto engineering students Arianna McAllister and Lian Leng took first prize in the Canadian leg of the 2014 James Dyson Awards program with their PrintAlive Bioprinter, which can 3d print a skinlike material that can help heal severe burns. | THE UT.LAB | Supports Engineering Innovations *

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