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Community Post: Going On A Blind Date, As Told By "Titanic"


Water a mile away from where the Titanic had struck the iceberg was nearly 60 degrees F, the water was icy cold because of something called a Labrador Current which is a current in the North Atlantic which flows from the Arctic Ocean south along the coast of Labrador. Had they sunk a mile away...hundreds or thousands of lives could have been saved.


Letter from Frank Snyder to his brother Fred about John & Nellie Snyder, who were survivors of the Titanic. Dated April 18, 1912 Page 1 of 2

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Vintage Travel Posters We Want to Buy Now - Photos

Without question, the ugliest poster of the bunch, but Titanic-mania is sure to make this a top seller. “This is one of the Holy Grails for Titanic collectors,” said Nicholas Lowry of Swann Gallery. The extremely rare poster is advertising 3rd-class tickets for the return trip!

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The Titanic's Last Lunch

A menu, dated April 14 1912, shows the luxury food offered up to first-class passengers on the last day on board the RMS Titanic.


Harold Lowe, (Titanic 5° uff.the only who came back in search for survivors in the water) this photo is dated approximately 7-8 years after the Titanic tragedy