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Ready to Ship: Mouse Embryo Pendant

"finally jewelry for researchers" This is not what researchers want to be wearing. Yes zombie mice. I'll mark myself for you to come get me with a symbol of a MOUSE EMBRYO!

Kuda-gitsune- Japanese folklore: the pipe fox. It is a mouse sized fox that is kept in a pipe and answers every question it is asked. It is able to seek out any information and whisper it to its master. It also grants its master the ability to look into the past and future.

centuriespast: Tlingit War HelmetTlingit helmets had carved spirit, ancestor or clan crest figures that spiritually protected and empowered warriors for battle. Only outstanding warriors or leaders wore such elaborate helmets. The war helmet on the left represents a red-breasted merganser, a swift and aggressive seabird. The other helmet may represent a mouse, marmot, or other rodent. War helmets are unique to Tlingit culture 1750-1800 The Fenimore Art Museum

I cant find a fairy to decorate my lil girls fairy garden, so instead used mickey mouse, donald and minnie!!! She loves it! Her mini-disneyland