Maximilien Robespierre. What he said. Here is the reason a centralized, public education system will NEVER be trustworthy as the primary source of knowledge, learning or wisdom. Only privately-funded diversity in information sources empower the process of gathering in, sifting through and selection of the best ideas. Throwing money at a public education system is the height of ignorance...regardless of whether or not you still claim a political party. I don't.

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A Political Quote Written In 1957 About Corruption Of Our Society And We Are In 2016, And Corruption Is Still Going On Today! If the Progressive way is the answer, they have had 8 years at least to create their utopia. Feel like you are part of their utopia?

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TAKE THE PLEDGE, KIDS! When you see "news" that's a little too startling, check debunkers like, or just ask your Grandmother Google where it's originating. When you see an unlikely image, use the wonderful little tool button you can get at to instantly jump to a google image search of what you're looking at. [BTW, anybody know who did this remix? It's a great re-use of a WWII US home-front poster.]

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Republicans don't bother commenting. I will just delete the pin and repost after I block you! Modern Republican Party.

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Unafraid, not mean, hateful or selfish, believes in the equality of women and all of humankind, needs to be connected to and supportive of all of life, and favors the needs of people over the wants of corporations.

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