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Today pound rate

eaten-away: “ More jumpin jacks fo me ” I keep seeing this, and the math makes no sense. If every two jumping jacks burn 1 calorie, than 1000 jumping jacks would burn 500 calories. Not 3500. Not a...


Today is world oceans day! Every year, as many as 100 million sharks die at the hands of humans. Many die in the ocean as their fins are cut off and taken away to be sold to foreign markets, where they fetch prices as high as $500 per pound. Sharks are especially vulnerable to population decreases due to their slow growth rate and low birth numbers, and overfishing and finning has left one-third of open ocean sharks at the brink of extinction. #WildlifeEarth


We pick up, launder, fold, and return the linen that you already own. As we are commercial laundry, we inspect, pre-treat, professionally wash, fold, and deliver your previously stained items for one low per pound rate. Schedule a pick up with us Today!

Chart of exchange rate values over time........the British Pound today = Euro 1.11