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Novelty toe socks are fun and cozy! Keep those toes cuddled in these cute character socks.

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What's that up in the sky? Is it a bird, or a plane? No, it's your toes! These are tube style (no formed heel) and will fit most sizes with varying results that may be mid calf or nearly knee high.

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Lace Toe Socks. Women's Toesocks. Beige Floral Sheer Lace

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Kevlar Socks so you can be barefoot, without worrying about sharp objects breaking skin!

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Though I'm not a fan of the Frog Toe type shoes, I love these toe socks for running. They are seamless and have saved my feet from many blisters!

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Fuzzy Toe Socks - Two things I love put together: fuzzy socks and toe socks! These are really handy for extra warmth during the winter time, whether or not I pair them with my favourite slippers. They are great for lounging and I wear them all the time!

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Super fun rainbow socks!! Ever since seeing Whip It I've been trying to track down a cool pair of rainbow socks :)

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