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Her legs aren't completely strait but it's a good toe touch

Steps to getting your middle split, do it everyday if you really want it

Toe touch stretch! Do you want your toe touches higher? Do this stretch everyday! For beginners go as close to the wall as you can! Don't give up:) For a more of an advanced stretch push yourself all the way to the wall but if you can't have someone push you!! Good luck loves!


I love doing actually works

Thighs workout.. I'll be lucky if I can do 5 toe touches!

• LEAN LEGS PYRAMID EXERCISE • (20 squats - 30 lunges - 40 toe touches - 50 second wall sit -100 jumping jacks). Do the exercise from top to bottom then from bottom to top.


Do you want to improve your toe touch? Here is a quick exercise that will help: One great exercise for the toe touch is to sit on the ground with your legs in a tuck jump position. Lean back, into your "sitting" position, and do your toe touch jump on the ground. Yes, you should feel this in your quadricepts (the muscle on the front of your thigh). Repeat 3 to 5 times. For more jump exercises check out the new post on

I will swap toe touches for calf raises and switch lunges and squats around...