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Toilet Boys

Defunkify a Boy Bathroom! 1.) Make a paste with baking soda and freshly squeezed lemon juice (a natural disinfectant.) I used one lemon, it was plenty. 2.) Apply the paste liberally to all the places around the toilet that get a lot of over-spray, especially the base of the toilet. 3.) Let it sit for 15 minutes. 4.) Then spray it with white vinegar and wipe it down with a damp rag.

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Boys Bathroon Decal Bundle

Boys Bathroon Decal Bundle by LilMrsCrafty on Etsy

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Boy Dinosaur Toilet Target

Boy Dinosaur Toilet Target by LilMrsCrafty on Etsy, $5.50

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How To Be A Good Parent - 10 Parenting Tips

20 great tips for #potty training #toddler #boys

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Potty training idea - put blue food coloring in the water when they pee it turns green. Potty magic! My little girl thought this was so fun!. . .Watch This -> Potty Training, Potty training In 3 Day, Potty Training Boys, Start Potty Training. Click Image to Watch The Video NOW!!!

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Boy Toilet Targets

Boy Toilet Targets by LilMrsCrafty on Etsy, $5.50 I have to get this for my boy's bathroom! NO MORE PEE ON THE SEAT

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19 Brilliant Hacks That Will Make Potty Training So Much Easier

For later toddler years: The "You Shall Not Pass" sign. A visual limit to how much toilet paper the child can take! What a great idea!!

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Best potty training idea... Potty training plus pre-writing practice (dry erase…

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Boys And Cars

PT & C Party | Toilet Paper cars craft

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#emojis #party #game #poop

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