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I don't even care at this point if it was the same guy. This is perfection. <-------- hahahahahahaha I died laughing!!!!!

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Just a reminder that sexy isn't lingerie or coyness or perfection - it's confidence and being comfortable in your own skin. Remember this. Said by Tom Hiddleston

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{Volumnia: “Come let us go. This fellow had a Volscian to his mother; His wife is in Corioles, and this child like him by chance. Yet give us your dispatch. I am hushed, until our city be afire, and then I’ll speak a little.” #Coriolanus (gifset)} - I still can't believe I don't get to see this......

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Tom Hiddleston's Voice. Tom Hiddleston reads Derek Walcott's Love After Love. Link:

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This is true. The most hurtful thing you could say to someone isn't, "I hate you," it's, "I couldn't care less about you - you're dead to me." & yes, I've said this to someone. When you really need to make a point, this about does it

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