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13 Haunted Places to Visit

Copper Queen Hotel Bisbee, Arizona Opened in 1902, the Copper Queen Hotel was one of the most modern, luxurious, and popular spots during the mining boom. Today it is still a charming getaway in southern Arizona­–with three “permanent” residents.


5 Truly Terrifying Ghost Stories That Prove Jerome Is The Most Haunted City In Arizona

If you want to read some hair-raising experiences that have occurred here in Arizona, take a look at these hauntings that have occurred in Jerome.


Allen street, Tombstone, looking east, with a parade in progress. Main entrance to O. K. Corral in clump of trees, top center. Photo courtesy the author, W. B. Shillingberg.


Guide to Old Town Scottsdale

Guide to Old Town Scottsdale: Scottsdale Civic Mall (Plaza), has a love sign, great for photos! Couple of good restaurants on the plaza too: AZ88, great food, patio & cocktails. As well as Orange Table (great breakfast & lunch, sometimes iffy service). #scottsdale #arizona


Contention City- Contention City or Contention is a ghost mining town in Cochise County in the southeastern part of the U.S. state of Arizona. It was occupied from the early-1880s through the late-1880s in what was then known as the Arizona Territory. Only a few foundations now remain of this boomtown which was settled and abandoned with the rise and fall of silver mining in and around the area of Tombstone.


Tombstone, Arizona in 1881 photographed by C. S. Fly. An ore wagon at the center of the image is pulled by 15 or 16 mules leaving town for one of the mines or on the way to a mill. The town had a population of about 4,000 that year with 600 dwellings and two church buildings. There were 650 men working in the nearby mines. The Tough Nut hoisting works are in the right foreground. The firehouse is behind the ore wagons, with the Russ House hotel just to the left of it.