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Heaven has another angel everybody. Louis mom Johanna passed away on Wednesday Dec 7, 2016. She was an AMAZING woman and an awesome mom to her kids! She was loved by all of them and all of us and will be forever remembered. My heart breaks for the Tomlinson family at this time and I hope you all find a little bit of comfort in knowing how much Johanna was loved! I am so very sorry for your loss. -A heartbroken directioner Women's Books, Diet, Fitness, Fashion, Makeup, Relationships - h...

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(20) #RIPJohannah - Twitter Search>>oh god i feel so bad he didnt deserve this she didnt deserve to die its all too hard i lm so sorry louis he probably doesnt want to be called boobear because it will remind him of his mom

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IM AN IDIOT!!! I am on my laptop and it my first time on pintrest on here and im pinning it on fuuny stuff not 1Direction

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ATTENTION! Fizzy Tomlinson's boyfriend just died we all need to tweet her nice things. >>REALY? OMG! I had no clue.... :'(

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Rest In Peace Johannah. My thoughts and prayers are with Louis Tomlinson and his family </3

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