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Five snowglobes depicting the locations of the shows in the Tommy Westphall Universe. Not a graphic of the connections but where the shows took place.

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Tommy Westphall

The Television Crossover Universe: Is Tommy Westphall God? St. Elsewhere and the Television Crossover Universe

The Crossover Universe – A graphic visualization of the shared reality of ninety-four different television series connected through crossovers, spin-offs, mentions and other things.

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Almost all of TV is the imagined universe of an autistic child.

Almost all of TV is the imagined universe of an autistic child - the Tommy Westphall Universe theory

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St. Elsewhere - Series Finale: The Tommy Westphall Snow Globe Ending From the final episode of St. Elsewhere, "The Last One": It's the end of the line for Drs. Wayne Fiscus (Howie Mandel) and John Gideon (Ronny Cox), both of whom are leaving St. Eligius. Turns out St. Eligius was dreamed up by Tommy, who spends his days staring into a snow globe, dreaming up six seasons worth of innovative quality television, plus about 200 other TV shows connected by crossovers in the Tommy Westphall…

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