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Pillow Talk (1959), Doris Day, Rock Hudson, Tony Randall, directed by Michael Gordon. A studly bachelor develops a cunning plan to seduce his best friend's girl by pretending to be two people: his nasty self and a nice Texan. Good thing this is a comedy or that would be very bad. Everyone has opulent apartments, clothes and offices. It's kind of a return to the screwball comedies of the 1930s; people wanted to see rich and fashionable settings then, too.

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Tony Randall (I) (1920–2004) Actor. Died at age 84 of pneumonia, contacted after heart bypass surgery.

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Pictures & Photos from The Odd Couple (TV Series 1970–1975) - IMDb - I always loved to watch Tony Randall. He was a great actor, especially in comedies. He always made me laugh. He was perfect for the part of Felix Unger. They did a great casting job. He was in a lot of movies before he ever did a TV series.

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Tony Randall & Jack Klugman - As Felix Unger and Oscar Madison, The Odd Couple. The funniest show EVER

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The 35 Greatest TV Duos of All Time

Felix Unger & Oscar Madison (Tony Randall & Jack Klugman) The Odd Couple, ABC, 1970-1975 It was hard to get this far in the list and not call any of the duos an “odd couple.” Of course so many TV duos owe everything they have to Felix and Oscar. One is neat and compulsive while the other is messy and leads an unscheduled life. Their differences made them great, but their relationship could never be duplicated.

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Universal Pictures Hits 100 Today

In the film Pillow Talk (1959) Tony Randall was supposed to fake a reaction to being decked in the face by one of the restaurant patrons. However, during filming, the actor overestimated and actually knocked out Randall. The shot was so well done— it was used in the film. Read the article "Universal Pictures Hits 100 Today" on!

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February 6, 1971, featuring Tony Randall and Jack Kingman of The Odd Couple

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