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It's better to love too hard than too late. - I've been told I care too much. I don't fall for everyone though. When I find a truly unique & beautiful human being, I will care deeply for them. Maybe too much, & too carelessly. Oh well, I'd rather care with my whole heart than not care at all.

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"Everybody starts caring when it's too late."

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John Jabbo on

Never push a loyal person ...unfortunately those who do, never seem to realize what they are doing until it's too late or they just don't care

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But protective worrying leads to exhausting overthinking,the balance of responsibility is to figure out by free stomach mood/individual gut.

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"its too late, I love you." All I can do is sigh at his words, "Chapin, if loved ones start to become part of my life, the ground under me will turn into a mine field. If one goes off who knows how many others will be blown up as a result? I don't want you to be caught in the blast." - Terminate by @paintsplatter24

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