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7. I think the author somewhat foreshadows that Nyasha is anorexic. She is starting to feel fatigue and is eating less and less each day. She is tiring herself by reading all night and she is not getting the necessary amount of rest she needs and that is putting her in a bad health situation.

from Cosmopolitan

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The original title "Thinspo. Thigh Gap. Hip Bones." it's disgusting. What iswrong with girls and today's society???! I had a "thigh gap" growing up, I was skinny, and bony. Not by choice. I was embarrassed of it. Made fun of because I was "too skinny" I couldn't help it. Now girls are during to look this way. Literally. I love my body. And proud of my thick thighs. More to love, and no man wants his bone hittin more bones. Just saying.


"I lost 40lbs, grew my hair out and gained self-esteem. Friend: "No offence but you're too skinny now" F*ck off"

from Mail Online

I agree 100 percent. Do not judge me for working hard for my body. I am damn proud to be a below average American weighing woman. I am naturally skinny but I choose to be healthy and diet and exercise right!


Telling somebody they are too skinny and they should eat more, is exactly the same as telling someone they eat too much and need to lose weight-its shaming. People are thin for many reasons-genetics, metabolism, other illnesses that make gaining or putting on weight difficult-they may be thin for a certain sport or profession-it is wrong to associate eating disorders as "only for thin people"-Starving doesn't make everyone skinny, and not everyone that is skinny is starving themselves